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Thunderbirds and Friction Gloves Announce Partnership Extension

The Pittsburgh Thunderbirds and Friction Gloves have reached an agreement on a partnership extension for the 2017 AUDL Season.


The partnership will mark the 3rd consecutive year the Thunderbirds and Friction Gloves will work together.


Returning to the Thunderbirds in 2017 is Anson Reppermund, one of the league leaders in blocks last year in the AUDL, who wears Friction Gloves at all levels of ultimate he competes at. “I’m never ready to¬† play until I put on Friction Gloves,” said Reppermund. “Ever since I’ve tried them, I’ve never played in an ultimate game without them.”


This year, the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds and Friction Gloves will collaborate on a 4K ultra-HD commercial that will be format ready for television, live-stream, online media and more. Shooting will take place in the Spring of 2017.


“The guys on the team love their Friction Gloves,” says General Manager Andrew Gardner. “Performance wise, it’s really easy to see they make a difference and the ability to get an all yellow glove makes our players look great.”


Friction Gloves also released the all new Friction 3.0’s, which will be worn by Thunderbird players in the 2017 AUDL season. The Friction 3.0’s will be sold on the Thunderbird web-store, but can be purchased from Friction Gloves website right now.


You can purchase current Pittsburgh Thunderbird branded Friction Gloves by going here.


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