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The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL), the first and largest professional Ultimate disc league in the world, will be entering its fourth year of operation. Currently, the AUDL consists of 24 teams across the United States and Canada. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, the AUDL was founded by Josh Moore in 2012 with eight teams. In 2013, the AUDL featured 12 teams in the East and Midwest divisions, expanding into Canada with a franchise in Toronto. In 2014, the 17-team league included two more Canadian teams, and the addition of a Western Division.


In 2015, the AUDL will feature 26 teams across four divisions – East; Midwest; West; and South. Expansion teams joining the League for the 2015 season are the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds, San Diego Growlers, Los Angeles Aviators, Ottawa Outlaws, Nashville NightWatch, Jacksonville Cannons, Raleigh Flyers, Charlotte, and Atlanta Hustle.


The AUDL features a number of rule changes from the original USA Ultimate (USAU) model, such as referees, a lower stall count, timed quarters, yardage penalties, and a wider field. AUDL teams offer enjoyable and affordable entertainment to its communities. AUDL players enjoy exposure on a local and national scale, from hosting skills clinics with young fans to playing in the ESPN3 Game of the Week live broadcasts.


You can visit the league’s website to learn more at